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Stuart F Jones

June 3, 2014

My wife’s car has given up the ghost. At sixteen years and a quarter-million miles, it does not owe us anything. Now we are in the market for a good, reliable used car. I do not like shopping for cars. I always feel that I am getting fleeced.

I am still working on my next post on Corporate Welfare. I expect to have it ready in a few days. I am distressed at how long it is taking me to write. I am far from the ideal of posting an article a week.


Where to Start?

JRR Tolkien Quote

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – JRR Tolkien

I was debating how to start Plutocracy Ascendant, when this quote came across my FaceBook feed. Of course the quote is from the mouth of a fictional character facing fictional evils, but it applies as well to real people facing the evils of the day. The very rich and the corporations have so much money and power that nothing seems able to stand in the way of them remaking the world in their own image. The middle class will diminish, working conditions will deteriorate, poverty will be rampant, and the planet will be raped for natural resources — except for little cocoons preserved by the wealthy for their own enjoyment. Yet there is hope that this will not come about. This hope drives me to write Plutocracy Ascendant. There is some good in the world, and it’s worth fighting for.

I do not consider myself an activist. I am too old to go to New York City and camp out in Zuccotti Park with Occupy Wall Street. I have a career and family on the line, so I am not willing to risk arrest. However, I can read and I can write. I can share knowledge, invite discussion and make a small contribution to a better future.

Wish me luck as I undertake this venture.